The National Lottery Commission creates an innovation hub

Thabang Charlotte Mampane, Commissioner of the National Lottery Commission.

South Africa’s national lottery regulatory authority and licensee, the National Lottery Commission (NLC), has established an in-house digital innovation center, which will allow it to introduce more digital technologies to improve internal and external communications with stakeholders.

The NLC is established by the Lotteries Act No. 57 of 1997, as amended, to regulate lotteries in South Africa.

From these regulatory activities, the organization channels 47% of its annual budget to distribute funds to a range of good causes within SA.

The introduction of the new unit, according to the organization, is part of its new digital strategy, which aims to ensure that the NLC provides clients and beneficiaries with a faster, more innovative and efficient user experience.

The organization, which is currently involved in numerous corruption scandals, says the new hub will also help develop digital solutions that will allow it to reduce operating costs, keep abreast of international innovation trends and local and to develop the reputation and impact of its brand.

“From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NLC has been agile and quick to respond to the needs of beneficiaries, which has reinforced our willingness to develop an innovation strategy that will help build a powerful culture of innovation. across our organization, ”NLC Commissioner Thabang Charlotte Mampane said at the recent launch.

“The Digital Innovation Hub is designed to provide a multi-faceted platform that will engage all stakeholders and inspire innovation within the NLC.”

Speakers at the launch included international innovation entrepreneurs, as well as Coenie Middel, founding member of Middel & Partners, and a master facilitator for the FORTH innovation methodology, which hosted the launch of the Digital Innovation Hub and guides the NLC in its innovation journey.

Speakers shared their knowledge on employee engagement, building an innovative culture within the NLC and the need and value of effective innovation in today’s digital environment.

“The nature of the organization is dynamic, and with this new game-changing initiative, we are seeking new and revitalized products, services and solutions across the spectrum of our business, including our processes, structures, models, culture, brand positioning, stakeholder experiences and communication distribution channels, ”noted Mampane.

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