UC celebrates first in-person launch since pandemic

Now she already has two years of professional experience on her resume, first at L3 Technologies, a subcontractor for the US Department of Defense, and then at Tesla in Palo Alto, Calif., Where she worked on superchargers. and home energy appliances.

“The corporate culture was very diverse. I was one of two or three Americans working with people all over the world, ”O’Connor said. “This diversity really contributes to Tesla’s success. Having people from diverse backgrounds often means that people approach problems in new ways. “

His last cooperative was with Apple, a telecommuting position due to the pandemic.

“But they did a fantastic job making the virtual experience feel like normal,” O’Connor said. “It was a dream opportunity for me.”

O’Connor this year received the college’s Herman Schneider Medal, awarded to exemplary co-op students. At UC, Schneider was the first in the country in 1906 to introduce a pioneering cooperative, now a fundamental part of the UC experience.

Apple offered O’Connor a full-time position after graduation. She hopes to move to California when the pandemic allows.

“I loved my time at UC. I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t have gotten this job if I hadn’t been to UC, ”said O’Connor. “My education helped me prepare for these jobs. I really enjoyed the lessons. I liked my labs. They helped me learn to problem solve and think for myself. The work ethic developed in the program has taught you to go the extra mile. “

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