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Prosper Ndlovu in Binga

THE GOVERNMENT expects the continued establishment of Community Information Centers (CICs) across the country to serve as a springboard to stimulate innovation, research and development, which are essential pillars in building a modern economy. healthy.

In accordance with Vision 2030, the master plan of the National Development Strategy (NDS1: 2021-2025) recognizes information and communication technologies (ICT) as the key engine for the achievement of a digital economy, leading to economic and social transformation in Zimbabwe.

Deputy Minister Phuti cuts ribbon to mark official launch of Binga Village Information Center

This makes empowering all Zimbabweans with digital skills, enabling digitally empowered businesses and stimulating digital investments, especially in remote areas of the country, more paramount.

ICT, Posts and Courier Minister Dr Jenfan Muswere told Binga on Friday in remarks on the occasion of the official commissioning of the Binga Village Information Center.

“The government has taken the necessary steps to facilitate research and development, creating CICs as a means of motivating the development of local solutions to the socio-economic challenges we face as a country,” said Dr Muswere in a speech read on his behalf by his deputy, Cde Dingumuzi Phuthi.

As Zimbabwe strives to transform its economy into an upper middle income status by 2030, the minister said ICT must take center stage.

Already, the World Bank has commended Zimbabwe for making progress in adopting ICTs and creating an enabling environment for a thriving digital economy, especially in the financial services sector.

This strengthens the achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are anchored on promoting inclusive economic participation and poverty reduction.

“Advanced technological and digital skills are therefore essential for the development of a culture of innovation, a sine qua non for success in the digital economy.

Matebeleland North Province Minister of State Cde Richard Moyo (left) and Deputy Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services Dingumuzi Phuthi help each other unveil a plaque at the new information center from the village of Binga.

“It is therefore a question of promoting innovation clusters, bringing together universities, laboratories, start-ups and large companies.

A strong research and development dynamic is essential to transform the productive sector of the country, as advocated by Education 5.0, which has integrated the development of innovation poles in the main state universities.

The innovation dynamic also nurtures young innovators, including those outside the education ecosystem, by providing seed money for projects that are still in the ideation stage, in the form of grants. .

“I also call on young innovators in the Binga community to participate in the innovation campaign programs and use the facilities offered to further develop their ideas into bankable projects,” said Dr Muswere.

Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Richard Moyo, who also attended the event, applauded Potraz for extending ICT network connectivity to unserved areas in his province.

Unveiled plaque

He urged local businesses, including actors in the tourism sector, which is a key economic activity, to adopt ICTs to market their products and access various online government services.

Zimbabwe Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (Potraz) Director General Dr Gift Machegete said CICs are essential in transforming people’s lives through e-learning, e-commerce, online medicine and various other benefits of the Internet of Things.

The event ended with the donation of 55 laptops to local schools in the province of Mat’North.

Permanent Secretary of ICT, Dr Sam Kundishora, senior officials and traditional leaders attended the launch event.

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