Why software development outsourcing is gaining traction with non-technical leaders

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Product development is a resource-intensive and labor-intensive process. It’s no surprise that tech-savvy companies are rapidly taking advantage of emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and robotics, gaining an edge over their competitors. Therefore, software development plays a key role in helping businesses streamline their operations as technological advancements take over business tasks. This is especially true for businesses that struggle to scale effectively but have endless growth potential.

Outsourcing software development services gives non-technical leaders immediate access to rapidly changing technologies, which drives productivity and growth. Essentially, outsourcing of software development services occurs when a company outsources its programming and software-related tasks to a third party. In today’s digital world, where software has become an integral part of any successful business, the practice is gaining traction, especially among businesses that lack the required expertise or lack the resources. This is even more true in technology areas, where companies struggle to scale quickly and deliver best-in-class solutions. For example, around 60% of companies in the outsourcing market belong to the IT fields.

However, the process of outsourcing skilled talent is not smooth. There are many things to consider before coming to a reliable supplier like Sonatafy Technology. When looking for a service, the idea is to look for providers with a consistent and demonstrated investment in the functional area your business wants to grow and get a service that best suits your needs for short term success. and long term. After all, technology is a means to deliver efficient business solutions.

Outsourcing technology talent has become an essential ingredient for business success. Some senior executives see outsourcing as a cost-cutting plan, while others see it as a ladder to rapid scaling. However, the one thing companies should be concerned about when outsourcing talent is the quality of work delivered. If the work delivered meets or exceeds the limits of achieving the expected goals, outsourcing talent becomes a viable step towards scaling. Some of the reasons why a company may choose to outsource talent are:

Access to high-level talent

Most companies outsource software development to give them easy access to the most talented and tech-savvy workforce. Even better, the use of the latest technology by the service provider can contribute to strengthening the skills of the internal team.

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To minimize costs

Outsourcing has been determined to minimize operational costs by an average of 30%. These costs are minimized in the sense that the company will not have to ensure the training of its recruits, because the outsourced company manages the whole process. Additionally, outsourcing talent saves companies from spending on specialized technology, tools, and infrastructure.

Risk management

Outsourcing can be seen as a way to diversify the business portfolio, where an investor does not place all funds in one place. When a company outsources talent, it spreads its investments and therefore the risks are spread equally. For example, CFOs are increasingly welcoming the idea of ​​outsourcing skilled talent for middle office roles, which positions them to compete favorably with established competitors.

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Increased efficiency

It is necessary to have an adequate in-house workforce to perform tasks in a business organization, especially when handling real products. Staggered processes can be risky for an organization as they can lead to lost revenue. Hiring adequate labor individually can be costly for the business, and outsourcing becomes the best available option.

Improve data security

With outsourced talent, internal staff have more time to focus on business-critical aspects, like securing sensitive data. Internal managers also have enough time to engage with customers and advise the outsourced project manager to develop products that meet customer expectations.

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The practice of software development outsourcing can help any business gain access to modern technology and drive growth and innovation without putting undue strain on its resources. For example, Google, a leading technology company, has outsourced the customer support process for AdWords as well as software maintenance and development to other technology vendors. Skype, Alibaba, Basecamp, etc. are other well-known companies that outsource software development services. All in all, the outsourcing software development service more or less incorporates a strategic partner to help your business take advantage of emerging technologies.

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